What's it all about? The idea is simple: take a PIC (Microchip's microcontroller) and connect it to an ethernet card. Write some code and get a really small and really cool webserver.
The project behind this idea is picnic. Picnic started in summer 2001 and supports meanwhile ARP, IP, ICMP, TCP and HTTP in a useful manner. Naturally the PIC limits our implementations of protocols to a rudimentary state, but nevertheless it's possible to ping the PIC and to use it as a small webserver (PIC Web Server).

Current Status of the PIC Web Server
Version: 2.1 build 7
Used RAM: less than 100 Bytes
Used Program Memory: less than 2 kb
Implemented Protocols: ARP, IP, ICMP, TCP, HTTP

The picnic project is under GPL.

Within the scope of developing picnic, a handful of useful developing software was written. Going to developing tools will present you a terminal program for debugging over a computer's serial line and PIC software for lowest level access to an ethernet card

project news
25-09-2005  Version 3.1 now available with lots of great feagures! Yes, picnic continues to go on as many people ask me

11-11-2004  A lot of changes on the PICNIC Project, we will update the web site soon :
The PICNIC 3.0 is available at the CVS repository. Want to join ? Contact us !

11-11-2003  New schematics updates, and board layout released. Check Documentation. Thanks Pete!
03-10-2003  Created mailing list for the project. Check out contact
19-09-2003  Updated circuit schematics in Documentation
10-09-2003  Anything happening here? Well, I - Simon - stopped developing picnic after the 2.1 release. Since then, nothing exciting happend. But recently Rafael contacted me and announced that he is working on some cool feature enhancements for picnic. Additionally, he put together a page showing the creation of a picnic board step by step. Check it out here. Probably, we will see a change of maintainership for the picnic project soon. Meanwhile, for questions about active picnic development, contact Rafael. Thanks!
25-07-2002  check out the new FAQ section
25-07-2002  PIC Web Server 2.1 is available!