PICNIC 3 Status

    PICNIC 3 is on the way and will have many features. Some are listed here.


ISA Adderssing
    For only one board we don't need all that addressing pins. Perhaps this version will use only one pin to addres the board, or none. Another possibility is using the ISA Bus interface, that is already implemented by Simon, to interface with another NIC card or a modem and make a pic router!

    This bus will allow picnic to have several pics working as a parallel machine. The bus will have 8 bits of data and 3 or more for addressing, and about 2 for control. Memory modules, I/O modules, and new stuff will all be connected to this bus.

    A shell that will be accessed by telnet or serial port will allow the user to list configurations, set ip address, netmask, gateway and other configurations that will be stored in EEPROM.
    This will also allow users to run a program, reboot the system, and much more.
    PICNIC Shell will also activate/deactivate the flash programming over the network or serial cable. This will allow us to update the entire firmware, pages, and programs over the network.

Minimal filesystem
    Well, it will not be a file system. Just a table telling in wich device and where in this device are the programs and pages. This will use the pic's flash, or external devices, and i'm thinking in commands like ls, cat, rm.

    Possibility of programming the system to send a TCP packet to a destination when some condition occurs, such as analog signal is more than 3v, or serial data has arrived, or even, a simply switch change.

    To implement the above item, we need to know if the data must be sent to the gateway or not, by calculating the network via the netmask. This will be implemented too, because picnic 2 only responds to received packets. With this data will can be sent to anywhere.

I/O Devices
    This consists of building the devices that will be connected to picnic bus.
    There will be independent boards each with a function, such as memory module, serial port module, digital i/o, analog i/o, relay controled i/o, and much more.
    The idea is to make an easy to implement protocol for this bus in order to allow anyone implementing its i/o module for picnic as needed.

Current Status

    By now, only I (Rafael) am working on new features. Help wanted!
    There is still no public release of picnic 3, but i gues in the next weeks there will be a pre release. I expect that most of the listed features will be working in about 5 months.