A PIC Web Server

http://picnic/index.html and more

A PIC webserver - this was the primary goal of the picnic project. On approaching this goal, a handful of networking protocols had to be implemented in order to integrate the PIC into an ethernet environment. The current picnic version 2.1 features

As already mentioned in the introductory part of the index page, the small ressources of a PIC microcontroller make it impossible to implement these protocols in their full scope. But what was possible has been done and the result is really cool: an ARP supporting and pingable websever.

If you want to learn more about the implementation of the above protocols, go to the documentation section. This page gives also details about building your own picnic board and configuring the code. The code itself is available for download here.

note for developers. When writing the code for the different protocols, I tried to keep the software as flexible as possible. It's very easy to add further protocols. Check out the picnic plus section!